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Education is my passion and my profession. I have:

  • worked in adult education in Europe (Vienna, Austria),
  • taught grades K-4 on public and private elementary school campuses,
  • served as a grades 3-8 educational consultant in a Regional Service Center,
  • supported teachers and campus administrators as an instructional facilitator for the K-5 Language Arts Department in a large suburban district.

Each of these opportunities has convinced me of the power of collaboration whether my partners in learning are five or fifty-five.

I’m driven by the pursuit of excellence in teaching so students can satisfy their own curiosity in learning that leads to wisdom in their adult lives.

The world I long for and work toward is one where infinite possibilities are available to all kids so they can thoughtfully choose a promising future.

My passion is to join with teachers and administrators to leverage the power of collaboration to facilitate innovation, creative anticipation, and persistence so students are empowered to choose a lifetime of learning.

I write here about my work with teachers, current educational issues, and my passion for life-long literacy. I share about my work at conferences and district events. I’ve published online here and here.

Questions? Lively conversations?


Twitter: @vrkimmel