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Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska

Dear Mrs. Katz,

My friend is being kind enough to write this letter to you today. My English is not so good yet, but I must write to say thank you.

Thank you for helping my daughter in her first days in your class. She tells me you have been so kind to her and for that our family is very grateful. We have been in America a few months and it is hard for us to know what to do and how to speak with others The gentle care of our kindergarten daughter is making us believe that hard times will not be forever and that there must be many more kind people like you.

It is hard, as you can imagine, to send your child away for many hours in a day knowing they cannot speak English to the teacher and students. They don’t know rules or behaviors for the new school, the food is different, the school books are not familiar and the day is so long for our little one. Our daughter tells us that you went to all the kindergarten classes looking for another child who can speak Arabic and you put our daughter with that child. Thank you!

We must also give our thanks and appreciation for the time you are giving our daughter when she is sad and cries. She has told us how you sit beside her, hold her hand and make soft noises. Who can do that with a room full of children? We do not know, but somehow you are making time to comfort Alliyah. She tells us that she likes your class, but is still missing her father and me during the long day.

Alliyah showed us the books you have sent home in her pack. We cannot read the words of course, but the pictures are so familiar to us. It is hard for us to know how you found books with beautiful pictures from our country and other books with stories about families like our family. It made Alliyah so happy to look at these books with us each evening. We are excited also to complete the work you sent home. Our neighbor is helping us and together as a family we will send back important information about Alliyah. We are sending pictures from our home we left behind, a drawing Alliyah made of our family, a recipe, a favorite belonging of hers. She is a little afraid to think how she can share with your class when she has no English yet, but she will show the work and is excited for the children to see the treasured things from our home.

We express once again our deep gratitude for much kindness you are showing to our family. My heart broke on the first day when we must leave Alliyah in your school because we see how hard it is, but each day gets better and we give thanks you are her teacher.

Peace to you,