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The school year is over. Wednesday was the last day for our students. Thursday and Friday were professional development days. Saturday was a half-day workday.

It was an incredible year, but I have to be honest. By noon on Saturday, I was knackered. All I wanted to do was sleep. And then sleep some more.

Sunday afternoon I was online requesting stacks of picture books from our local library, reading archived Twitter chats I’d missed, collecting research bits for an eBook I’m writing, and uploading new YA audiobooks.

What happened?

Free time = self-learning time.

Summer is for reading and writing and tomorrow I begin my daily summer schedule. I’m giddy. The exhaustion I felt on Saturday is long gone. My TBR stacks are growing and I am anxious to get started. For the third summer in a row, I’ll be taking up Donalyn Miller’s #bookaday challenge. I’ll be reading and posting titles on Twitter @vrkimmel. Join me!

My professional reading stack contains only three new books I’ve not read yet. The others are books I’ll be re-reading for the second  (or third) time.

YA and middle grade books queued up in my Audible library:


Picture books I’ll be picking up tomorrow at our small town library (along with the YA audiobooks) should get me through the upcoming weekend for my #bookaday challenge.

I’ll repeat the same process throughout the summer; requesting picture books online, checking out new YA and middle grade audiobooks and reading/re-reading my stack of professional books.

The ten (or so) weeks of summer break are a welcome respite from the school year. I’ll be cleaning and organizing around the house, meeting friends for lunch, swimming and gardening, traveling and antiquing.

I have to admit, however, that those colorful stacks of books  are the celebs of this summer break.