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Last February I started blogging weekly and in September a second weekly segment, That Thing You Do! was added. It’s a post by invitation where authors and educators share a strategy that teachers can put into practice in their professional lives. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who contributed this year. Thank you my beloved colleagues!

I have met so many amazing educators through social media and learned volumes this year as a result of blogging. I’m looking forward to 2017. Before saying goodbye to this year I want to bring back the top ten posts from 2016. Thank you for reading and being such a vital part of my professional learning network.

#10 Poetry Genre Study: Making a Case for Inquiry

#9 That Thing You Do! Jill Davidson and Kim Stewart–A Taste for Books

#8 Letter to a Young Black Scholar

#7 That Thing You Do! Amy Bettis–Kindergarten Reading Agreements

#6 That Thing You Do! Christal Hollinger–School Leadership: What if It’s About More?

#5 That Thing You Do! Kari Yates–Conferring, A Conversation Between Readers

#4 That Thing You Do! Tanny McGregor–Becoming a Decelerated Reader

#3 Book Smuggling: An Unconventional Way to Hook Readers

#2 That Thing You Do! Russ Walsh–When Readers Plateau Try Pushing for Fluency

#1 Response to Intervention: We Know the Models, But Where’s the Magic